Chef der Impfstrategie der EU warnt davor, der Bevölkerung in kurzen Abständen wiederholt Impfdosen zu verabreichen


AMSTERDAM – Eine Impfdosis pro Herbst soll in Zukunft ausreichen, um einen hinreichenden Immunschutz herzustellen. Mehr überfordert das Immunsystem, argumentiert der Chef der Impfstrategie in der EU, Marco Cavalieri.


In einem Pressebriefing sprach der oberste Impfstratege der EU, also der „Chef der Impfstrategie der EU“ erstmals davon, daß ein zu häufiges „Impfen“ nicht optimal für das Immunsystem sei. Erstens benötigt es einige Zeit, um den Immunschutz aufzubauen und zweitens werden jedes Mal weniger Antikörper aufgebaut „the repeated administration of boosters … may reduce the level of antibodies that can be produced at each administration„. Tatsächlich zeigen Studien, daß man mit der ersten Impfung noch etwa 20 Wochen „geschützt“ ist; mit der Boosterung aber keine 20 Wochen mehr, sondern nur noch 10 Wochen. Mit einer Vierten Impfung geht der Schutz auf einen noch kürzeren Zeitraum herunter (vgl. Min. 24:15). Ein Argument, für das als „Querdenker“ diffamierte Personen bisher sozial exkommuniziert wurden.


Pressebriefing der EMA am 11.1.2022

In ihrem Pressebriefing hat der Chef der Impfstrategie in der EU Marco Cavalieri zu erkennen gegeben, daß kurzfristige „Impfungen“ dazu führen dürften, das Immunsystem zu überfordern, mit der Wirkung, daß dieses die erwünschte Immunantwort nicht mehr liefert.

Im Detail enthält das Pressebriefing folgende – aus unserer Sicht interessante – Neuigkeiten:

00:00 Introduction

01:20 Update on recent developments (as of 11.01.2022) by Dr. Cavaleri

  • „…the vaccine effectiveness against asymptomatic disease is significantly reduced for omikron and tends to wane over time“ (Min, 3:00)
  • …the possibility of giving a second booster dose with the same vaccine curretly in use, data have not yet been generated to support this approach“ (Min. 7:15)
  • ...while use of an additional booster shot could be considered as part of a contingency plan, repeated vaccinations within short intervals would not represent a sustainable long term strategy“ (Min. 7:30)
  • Children (Min. 7:45)
  • Pregnancy (Min. 9:30)
  • Paxlovid (Min. 11:18)

12:20 Questions from journalists

12:33 Fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

  • „…and we need this data before giving any recommendations, but at the same time we are rather concerned about a strategy that entangles repeated vaccination within a short term… making clear that we cannot give a booster dose every three, four months. Of course when it comes to the vunerable…, that would be a different story… for immunocompromised….“
  • „…we are moving toward a situation in, that the virus is more endemic… with increase of the immunity in the population, with Omicrron there will be a lot of natural immunisation taking place on top of vaccination, we will be fastly moving towards a scenario, that will be closere to endemicity…“

14:30 COVID-19: from pandemic to endemic status

15:35 Next generation of COVID-19 vaccines

18:17 Increase of Omicron cases

19:58 Omicron specific vaccine

22:03 COVID-19 Boosters

  • „… there are concernes here in a strategy that we give boosters every three, four months, approximately, we will end potentially having problem with the immune response and the immune response may end up not being as good as we would like it to be. So we should be careful in not overloading the immune-system with repeated immunisation… it is not something that – we think – should be repeated constantly and it would be much better to start thinking about an administration of boosters, that is more spaced in time, ideally … such boosters should be given with the arival of the cold season every year

24:45 COVID-19 Antibodies

27:52 COVID-19: Natural infection vs. the booster dose?

30:56 COVID-19: from pandemic to endemic status

32:53 AstraZeneca Evusheld

34:48 Molnupiravir. Nasal vaccines. Paxlovid

37:33 COVID-19 Compulsory vaccination


Pressebriefing der EMA am 18.1.2022

In einem weiteren  Pressebriefing hat der Chef der Impfstrategie in der EU Marco Cavalieri erneut wiederholt, daß kurzfristige „Impfungen“ dazu führen dürften, das Immunsystem zu überfordern, mit der Wirkung, daß dieses die erwünschte Immunantwort nicht mehr liefert.

00:00 Introduction

01:24 Update on recent developments (as of 18.01.2022) by Dr. Cavaleri

01:42 Epidemiological data from Europe 03:01 Global regulatory response to the Omicron

03:58 Clarifications on multiple booster doses

  • „… the ICMRA member agree that from a global perspective the administration of multiple booster doses in short intervals would not be sustainable in the longer term. One of the reasons is that runnung large vaccination campaigns repeated times per year is challenging from the operational perspective and it is expected to lead to social fatigue among citizens. In addition there is at presence no much experience with such an approach from dealing with other deseases and therefore it would be difficult to predict its...“
  • „… the repeated administration of boosters with very short interval may reduce the level of antibodies that can be produced at each administration as our immune system needs a certain amount of time to work out a response to the antigens it is persented with. Potentially making the vaccination a little bit inefficient over time… It could be desirable to synchronize the vaccination with the arrival of the cold season similar to what is done for influenza, to increase the antibodies right at the time when it is mostly needed ..“

04:53 Fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine

  • … at the moment here is no evidence from available clinical or real live data in the need and value of a fourth dose in the general population and with the current vaccines…“

07:28 Monoclonal antibodies and oral antivirals

08:27 COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy

09:16 Questions from journalists

09:48 Bivalent and multivalent vaccines for COVID-19

11:58 Clinical trials for bivalent and multivalent vaccines

13:34 Vaccination strategies and Omicron vaccine

14:39 Standardisation and bivalent / multivalent vaccines

16:47 Valneva COVID-19 vaccine

17:50 Novavax COVID-19 vaccine

19:05 Wrap-up